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Frame: 28x22x4 and Art: 18x12


The Notorious B.I.G. on canvas in a ValCo with gold scrolls over black base mixed media wood and polyurethane moulding.



The Notorious B.I.G. (28x22x4 Frame)

  • A frame is only as good as the materials it is made from. Wood is individually select for the wood grain pattern and quality. Still in the natural, bare colored state, the lengths are cut, sanded, and treated before the real magic begins. The builder applies the proprietary mix of dyes and stain by hand, followed by multiple layers of paint, wax, finely ground pigments, and clear finish over a two week period. Each layer adds to the rich and luxurious wood finish so distinctive to ValCo Ornate Frames.

    The real beauty of making modern Victorian frames by hand is the ability to customize. To blur the line between art and frame, each frame is colored to blend with its intended art. Designing with ValCo is a journey, with your input invited at every step.

ValCo mouldings start as raw, unfinished wood. Use the form below to customize:


1. describe:

  • color pallet 

  • Color placement

  • Corner or onlay requirements


2. Otherwise, utilize our free design consult​

3. Give ValCo artistic freedow to create

"Apply colors like the words that shape poems,
like notes that shape music"


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